Our all natural cleanser is perfect for removing makeup and cleansing the skin. It contains organic coconut oil and is great for your skin due to its proven anti-inflammatory properties, moisturising fatty acids and antimicrobial properties. To create a convenient cleansing stick we’ve infused a small amount of beeswax to solidify the coconut oil which normally begins to melt at 24 degrees. Many of our customers wanted a coconut oil cleanser that did not melt at such a low temperate. Our cleansing stick must be stored below 28 degrees (which is a much less volatile) to maintain its solid state. So keeping it in the bathroom during winter and a cool drawer during summer (or in the fridge if you can’t ensure this) which means the convenience of a stick will work for you. Dab on the face, gently massage and wipe off thoroughly with a damp warm cloth, leaving your skin soft and clean.Do not get in eyes. (Packaging may vary). 

Organic Cleanse Stick



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