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Physical, Spiritual & Mental Wellness

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Organic Skincare

Sensory and Aromatherapy Products 

Yoga philosophy (The 8 Limbs of Yoga)

Life Goal Setting, Motivation and Personal Development

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Skincare Range 

New Range Coming Soon

A new range of natural and organic skincare products including:

100% Natural Clay Face & Body Masks

Green Clay- Draws out toxins

Pink Clay- Softening and refining the skin’s texture while toning the epidermis (outer layer of the skin)

Red Clay- High in iron oxide it is helpful for broken capillaries, bags under the eyes and can be used for toning the bust, thighs, stomach and upper arms

COSMOS Organic Certified Moisturiser 

Suitable for face, hand and body.


Made right here is Australia. Our new moisturiser formula is now Internationally Certified COSMOS - 86% organic and 100% natural. Made from Internationally recognised quality organic farms. Drawing upon many different culture's traditional uses of the ingredients and sourcing organic ingredients from regions where they grow naturally or that provide the most sustainable and suitable growing conditions and environments. 


Aromatherapy & Sensory Range

A range of hand made products drawing on aromatherapy benefits for calming, soothing and enegising. Plus a range of hand made sensory products to support anxiety and stress recovery. 

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy & Sensory Items

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Yoga Philosophy Wellness (Online Course)

This program is  made up of online links, video tutorials, downloadable yoga routines and handouts. It will assist with your overall wellness and help you to understand the underlying philosophy of Yoga including the 8 Limbs of Yoga, The Chakra system, the mudras and important life changing breathing techniques and postures.


Authentic Yoga can assist with relaxation, anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. Unlike other yoga classic this e learning course will briefly introduce you to the basics of the true philosophy of Yoga and how it may improve your health, well-being and lifestyle.

Click on the links below to start your e-learning course right now! These programs are designed and run by myself, I'm a passionate educator with over 20 years experience in professional and personal development. Visit the About page to see my credentials.

You can download your Program Outline with the password to access your course below.


Reach Your Goals - Motivation Training 
(Online Course)

This course is broken down into 10 Steps including  video tutorials explaining how to uncover your own personal motivators using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and develop a detailed plan to meet your goals including physical, mental and spiritual wellness goals. You can download or read online PDFs, samples and template.

To start your learning journey and get your exclusive access to the e-learning portal follow the prompts. 

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Skincare - Aromatherapy - Sensory - Yoga Wellness - Life Goals 


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