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Includes shipping in Australia.Includes 1 Birch wood candle (random various sizes) and 1 handmade pure beeswax candle made from local Bee Keeper Ben’s Bees beeswax.These handmade Aromatherapy candles are lovingly created right here in Melbourne from local fallen trees giving them a second life as is the aim with recycling. Each candle is totally unique and individual carrying its own set of markings and shapes. As we know contact with trees and bark helps ground you, trees store energy and their  beauty is undeniable. Tree bark has a mystical quality and these candles help bring that sense of nature’s magic indoors.  These contain pure Beeswax candles from local beeswax from beekeeper @bensbeesau. Beeswax candles  release negative ions, as it burns, did you know dust, dirt, pollens and pollutants all carry a positive charge allowing  them to remain suspended in the air?The negative ions from burning beeswax candles neutralise the positive charge on airborne pollutants causing them to fall to the ground assisting to detoxify the air much like air purifiers and negative ionisers. Negative ions from Beeswax can  improve mood and stimulate serotonin in the brain, which can alleviate depression, relieve stress and help boost your energy. So burning beeswax candles is highly beneficial and they look and smell divine.

Birch Wood & Beeswax Aromatherapy Candles

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