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This program is designed by myself, a Learning & Development Professional (read my profile in the about us page). This blended and e-learning course is part of my suite of student centred transformational programs, You can focus on the program one step at a time, pace yourself and do some reflective work in-between each section. This course is broken down into 10 Steps. You can download or read online PDFs, samples, templates and video tutorials explaining how to uncover your own personal motivators using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and develop a detailed plan on your specific goals that include physical, mental and spiritual wellness goals. You can join in more learning opportunities in a private Facebook group page that I facilitate.


To start your learning journey and get your exclusive access to the e-learning portal follow the prompts. Purchase the elearning course and you will be given the program guide with the password to login and access you course. You have access to the course for 6 months and may download copies of information.

Reach Your Goals & Get Motivated

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