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The Yogic Wellness course made up of online links, video tutorials, downloadable yoga routines and handouts plus a Social Learning Facebook Group you may join. It will assist with your overall wellness and help you to understand the underlying philosophy of Yoga including the 8 Limbs of Yoga, The Chakra system, the mudras and important life changing breathing techniques and postures. Authentic Yopga can assist with relaxation, anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. Unlike other yoga classic this e learning course will briefly introduce you to the basics of the true philosophy of Yoga and how it may improve your health, wellbeing and lifestyle.


In this elearning course there is no pressure to achieve yoga postures although it will provide yoga posture guidance that will assist with your physique, a byproduct of your yoga practice, plus you will develop your mind, body and soul. You will learn Traditional (Classical) Yoga techniques for controlling breath and vital energy. Pranayama (breathing) and simple relaxing Asanas (postures) will help your breathing and body work in synergy to strengthen the body, breathing and mind.


In essence yoga strategies, breathing and postures aim is not to 'find yourself' or 'get fit',  but to dissolve all the 'stuff' that prevents you from resting in yourself, being at home in YOURSELF.  Traditional classical yoga helps you to quiet the mind. What is left is YOU and your consciousness. 


Purchase the elearning course and you will be given the program guide with the password to login and access you course. You have access to the course for 6 months and may download copies of information. 

Yoga Wellness Course

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